The Netflix blurb for The Kids Are All Right reads: The children of same-sex parents Nic and Jules become curious about the identity of their sperm donor dad and set out to make him part of their family unit…with frequent comical results. With his arrival the household dynamics quickly become complicated and no body is sure where or how he fits in, if at all

This blub did not prepare me for a film focused primarily on heterosexual fucking. First we see the sperm donor fucking his employee which is questionable enough (like what this had remotely to do with the story line?). If that wasn’t bad enough we are then exposed to way too many minutes of him and one of the lesbian moms fucking their brains out in many different positions in explicit pornographic detail. I was outraged to be tricked into becoming an unwitting voyeur of just plain pornographic sex when I thought I was going to see a film about a lesbian family. We could have gotten the idea of what was happening with Jules just as clearly without the graphic details. In fact the graphic details detracted from the portrayal of her struggle. So, you gotta wonder what the director was really trying to say….what was the message exactly about these protracted heterosexual sex scenes? Hmm?

I am always suspicious when women are slapped around or Black men lynched in a film…raises the hair on the back of my neck about how certain mainstream behaviors (supposedly bad) are happily modeled under the guise of realistic film making.

To be fair, other than the sex scenes and some very stilted psycho-babble-new-age-speak directed at the children the story was great. The two lesbians did model how mature adults who work on their “stuff” can make a relationship work. I thought the actors did a great job and there were moments of brilliant directorship. But the fucking sex scenes ruined the movie for me. I will not be purchasing this film, I will not be adding it to my very small collection of good lesbian films. I am so sorry the director felt the need to include this trash in the middle of what could have been a wonderful film. 



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